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An Analysis of the Real-Time Performance of Linux Kernels

The main focus of this work is to measure and analyse the real-time performance of the vanilla Linux kernel as against the PREEMPT_RT patched...

Why SQL Should Be Used for Data Analysis

A basic knowledge of SQL and its query language is essential for any aspiring data analyst and data scientist. This article discusses SQL and...

Dynamic Analysis of Firmware Using Firmadyne

Firmadyne is a Linux based system for emulating and analysing firmware. It is used for penetration testing of firmware and can even run exploits....

Using Jenkins to Create a Pipeline for Android Applications

This article is a tutorial on how to create a pipeline to perform code analysis using lint and create a APK file for Android...

What Is ElasticSearch?

A real-time, distributed search and analytics engine, ElasticSearch is used for full text search, structured search, analytics, and all three in combination. In short,...