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Meta Releases An Open Source Browser Extension For Validating Code

Code Verify is based on the concept of subresource integrity, in which browsers check the integrity of a fetched file, but it extends the...

Mozilla’s Upcoming Browser Based on Open Source Components

With Firefox on maintenance phase, Mozilla has been reported to be working on a new internet browser It has been reported that Mozilla may be...

Getting Started with Protractor

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. It can run tests for your applications in a real browser, by interacting...

WebAssembly to Speed Up Performance of Web Browsers

WebAssembly Studio, an online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is being developed by Mozilla to speed up performance of web browsers. WebAssembly is essentially a...

Setting Up OpenAM for Web Authentication

OpenAM provides a system for integrating diverse Web applications-to share common authentication and authorisation systems. It can protect applications running on any Web or...

Will Social Media Junkies Flock Together with v2.5?

While a Web browser developed specifically to satisfy your social networking needs does sound exciting, will Flock 2.5, the latest browser developed with Firefox’s engine at the core, be able to make the cut? Let’s dive in and check how deep the water might be!