Mozilla’s Upcoming Browser Based on Open Source Components


With Firefox on maintenance phase, Mozilla has been reported to be working on a new internet browser

It has been reported that Mozilla may be working on ‘Fenix’, an internet browser for the Android operating system. It is anticipated that the browser will be targeting a younger and tech-savvy audience.

Pause on Firefox updates

The company is the maker of Firefox, one of the alternate browsers for Android devices. Presently, Firefox for Android has been entered into a maintenance phase. This implies that there will not be many upcoming updates except bug fixes and security updates.

The browser is said to be based on the open-source Android Components that is a collection of Android libraries for development of browsers or browser-like applications. According to GitHub’s version history overview, developers started working on the upcoming browser in June.

Undisclosed prospects

The reasons for developing the Android browser and its commercialisation plans have not been disclosed by the company yet. Currently, the open-source software community has three different Android browsers that are the Firefox Browser, Firefox Focus and Firefox Nightly.

The upcoming ‘Fenix’ will be an addition to the community’s browsers for Android devices. While most of the Firefox updates have been put on hold, contributors are developing the browser for the upcoming generations.



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