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Codenotary’s Community Attestation Service Includes An Independent Cryptographic Validator

Codenotary has announced the addition of independent cryptographic validator nodes to its free and open source Community Attestation Service (CAS), bringing the data open...

To Steal Cryptocurrency, Hackers Create Similar Open Source Apps

Phishing assaults have already been demonstrated to be a threat to all types of PC users in 2022, but they are particularly prevalent in...

PKT Pal Releases Improved Open Source PacketCrypt Algorithm

PKT Pal has released a new, open source, optimized version of the PacketCrypt Proof of Work algorithm used by the PKT blockchain. The new version...

Open Source Cryptography Library Kryptology Launched By Coinbase

Coinbase, the world's fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume has announced the launch of Kryptology, a new cryptography library that would serve as a...

Want to Buy Cryptocurrencies? Use These Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are getting entrenched in the global financial system slowly and steadily, with certain companies using these to pay their employees too. Hesitancy with...