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Open Source Kythera Gives AI Solutions to Independent Developers

Kythera AI Gem, a part of Linux Foundation O3DE project announced to give independent developers instant access to its toolset to use with its...

Blockchain Technology can Revolutionise the Gaming Industry

The techies in the gaming industry have always been the early adopters of technology and right now, they are excited about blockchains – now...

Eight Top-of-the-Line Open Source Game Development Tools

The open source game development tools presented in this article give developers numerous options to explore and choose from, as per their requirements. Open source...

Get Started with Pygame, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we learnt about uploading a background image, and how to put text with different fonts on the...

Work Your Brain Cells with Strategy Games on GNU/Linux

Are you ready to accept the double-barrelled challenge of acquiring hard-to-get natural resources and confronting enemies on the rampage, while in a race against...

Get Started with Pygame

Gaming has become a major field in the computing world. It is the favourite entertainment for many users, but a challenging job for developers,...