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DataFrames.jl: Handling In-memory Tabular Data in Julia

Effective handling of data is very important for the success of any software application. If a language provides an option to efficiently handle in-memory...

The Best Machine Learning Libraries in Julia

Machine learning (ML) is ubiquitous these days. This article introduces useful machine learning libraries in Julia, the developer base for which is growing fast....

Speeding Up Data Visualisation with Julia

Today’s real-time applications deal with large volumes of data. The mammoth size of the data makes it mandatory to have powerful visualisation tools. This...

Gadfly: Enabling Publication-Quality Plotting with Julia

Visualisation of data in the form of plots is an important requirement in today’s Big Data scenario. This article introduces Gadfly – a visualisation...

Machine Learning: The Julia Approach

Julia is a rising star in the world of programming languages, having inherited the best features of both Python and C. This article provides...

Julia: A language that walks like Python, runs like C

Julia is an emerging star in the world of programming languages. It offers the coveted combination of high performance and productivity. What Julia offers...