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RISC-V Training Explores Internals of Compiler Toolchains and Optimisation

RISC-V International and Linux Foundation have partnered to release a new, free online training course on the edX platform, RISC-V Toolchain and Compiler Optimisation...

A Quick Look at Web Optimisation Tools and Techniques

Ever since the invention of search engines and page ranking algorithms, organisations have been competing for the top spot on Web search results. Here...

How to Go About Linux Boot Time Optimisation

Booting an embedded device or a piece of telecommunication equipment quickly is crucial for time-critical applications and also plays a very major role in...

A Few Tips for Scaling Up Web Performance

Every millisecond counts when it comes to loading Web pages and their responsiveness. It has become critical to optimise the performance of Web applications/pages...


In this month's column, we will continue our discussion of compiler optimisations, and focus on compiler analyses and optimisations that require inter-procedural analysis and...