RISC-V Training Explores Internals of Compiler Toolchains and Optimisation


RISC-V International and Linux Foundation have partnered to release a new, free online training course on the edX platform, RISC-V Toolchain and Compiler Optimisation Techniques (LFD113x).

The new course, which was officially announced today at RISC-V Summit in San Francisco, is designed for engineers working with RISC-V vendors who are designing their own architectures, and those using RISC-V development boards to build applications. It is also useful for RISC-V application developers looking to improve performance or reduce the code size of their applications, toolchain developers, compiler engineers/performance engineers, and computer science students aspiring to major in systems software.

This course begins by introducing the compiler toolchain and concepts of cross-compilation before moving into how to use popular compiler toolchains (both LLVM and GCC) to build RISC-V applications.

It also covers debugging toolchain issues and what resources to consult when you need help. LFD113x will help participants optimise applications for code size or performance and gain an understanding of the demands of the applications with instrumentation techniques.

The 10 hour course is available on-demand and online through edX, with up to seven weeks of audit access at no cost.



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