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AWS to Update its Own Linux Every Other Year

Amazon Web Services has announced to release updated version of its own Linux every two years, staring with Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022), which is...

How to Install and Configure Git on a Windows Server

This article is a beginner-friendly guide to Git and can be used as a starting point. It introduces newbies to Git concepts, its terminologies,...

A Peek Into Open Source Verilog Simulator

Verilog, a hardware description language, is used to model electronic systems, and to design and verify digital circuitry at the register-transfer level of abstraction....

Carry Out Data Mining and Machine Learning with WEKA

WEKA is a collection of visualisaton tools and algorithms for data analysis and predictive modelling. It is very popular among users and developers as...

10 WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging

The power of WordPress lies in its many plugins, which can greatly enhance its functionality. Understanding the plugin infrastructure and equipping your WordPress site...

The Nagios Setup Explained

In this article, we shall discuss Nagios, an open source software that is deployed in most data centres to monitor various system and network...

Save Bandwidth by Setting Up a Fedora Mirror

Presenting a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Fedora mirror.