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Configure Glassfish on a Clustered Environment

Discover how to install and configure the Glassfish application server clustered environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1. Glassfish is a free and open...

An Auto Company Zips Along the Fast Lane with FOSS

Carnation Auto, a multi-brand auto sales and service company, has grown phenomenally after opting for an open source enterprise platform.

A Roundup on Microblogging Clients

We brief you on the options—just take your pick.

Virtualisation and Open Source: What Makes It the Right Match?

Virtualisation continues to be a buzzword. The idea isn’t new in itself; IBM mainframes have always had to have a hypervisor. It’s in the news now because even simple desktops can now act as virtual machine hosts. A lot of possibilities have opened up as a result. Let’s take a brief tour of what virtualisation means, in its classic sense, and look at why open source virtualisation is going to win.

Open Source Tools in GIS

Here’s an overview of the open source GIS tools for data visualisation, storage and file conversion.