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A Quick Look at Deep Learning

A subset of machine learning, deep learning has been around since the middle of the last century, but started evolving rapidly since the early...

MLCommons Releases Open Source Datasets for Speech Recognition

The MLCommons Association, an open engineering consortium dedicated to improving machine learning for everyone, today announced the general availability of the People's Speech Dataset...

Talkinator speech recognition app for Windows 10 takes open source way

Talkinator, an app that brought an easy way to enable text-to-speech on Windows 10 platform, has now been released as an open source offering....

Open Source Sets Microsoft’s Kinect Free

This first article in this series gives a brief overview of the Kinect sensor, the different terms used like natural user interface and machine...
Say what, now?

FreedomYUG: Lola Kutty, or Lola KDE?

Why VoxForge.org Needs You as Beauty-on-Duty. One man's beard is another man's Velcro. There are obviously two confounding problems with that statement. The first is...