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VNC And OwnCloud Enter Form Strategic Partnership

They will coordinate their sales activities for existing and new customers By integrating the ownCloud storage platform and the VNClagoon communication platform, both...

“The independence of a community is important for a successful open...

There is no harm if a company works closely with the open source community, but if it starts dominating the community… that could be...

The Making of the SUSE Brand in India

SUSE dreamt of making it big in India and has succeeded in doing so, over a period when people were still apprehensive about open...

Linux Game Review: Glest

Glest is a 3D realtime strategy game (or RTS) set in a sort of pseudo medieval Europe. The game, as of version 2, features two factions, Tech and Magic. Each faction also has their own unit types, buildings and tech tree (ie more stuff to do later). As typical with RTS games there are resources to gather and mine.

Linux Game Review: Battle of Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth is a game that every strategy fan should play at least once. Though it is turn based, its heavy emphasis on combat keeps the game moving and avoids the boring lulls that other turn-based games are susceptible to. It also boasts a unique set of mechanics that allow for a much broader range of conflicts, far beyond the typical "kill everyone" or "survive for X minutes"-- objectives that are common to most strategy games.