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Top 10 android Smartphones & Tablets of 2018

The mobile technology has been expanding its outreach for years. The trends provide us with a great variety from great features in small budgets to...

Top Ten Android Tablets of 2018

Contrary to expectations, tablets are quite popular with a large segment of users. They are also great as gifts. However, deciding on a popular...

Top Ten Android Smartphones and Tablets

It is a bit difficult to choose a smartphone today, as there is a bewildering variety of phones in the market. This article will...

Make Your Android Smartphone Work For You!

In recent years, there has been phenomenal growth in the use of smartphones. With the increasing popularity of the Android platform, the open source...

FreedomYUG: Is Your Home Clouded?

Your home may (soon) no longer have the freedoms you've always had. Look carefully at your home. Your old audio tapes may be gathering dust,...

OlivePad: India’s First Android 3.5G Tablet

Olive Telecom has beaten Apple on one count. It has launched its touchscreen tablet, the OlivePad, in India, months before the iconic iPad. Now,...