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Atom text editor is getting converted into Atom IDE

Atom, the popular text editor for developers, is getting converted into a full-fledged development environment. GitHub has already initiated the process by launching an...

Vim text editor receives major update after a decade

Classic text editor Vim has received a major new update ten years after the release of its seventh version. Vim 8.0 includes several new...

Set Up a Certificate Authority in RHEL5

Security certificates are widely used for authentication. This article explores how to set up a Certificate Authority in RHEL5. Security certificates are basically used for...

Getting Started with an Open Source Circuit Simulator

Life can be a bit tough without all the electronic gadgets we have got used to. But making an electronic circuit work is even...

Build Android Apps Using HTML with PhoneGap

With all the hubbub around Android, it's tempting to make an app yourself. But considerations like, "I don't know Java," or "I'm just a...

The GIMP 2.8:2.7 Development Release: Free From Clutter

The GIMP version 2.6 was released two years back, and it's time for us to embrace a new development series of the GIMP. Dubbed...