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Hyper-Real Platforms: Making the Metaverse More Real

As hyper-real platforms continue to push the boundaries of immersion and interaction in the metaverse, we are on the brink of a future where...

An Open Source 3D-Printed VR Headgear From Europe

A 6GHz WiFi 6E wireless open source virtual reality headset has been created by three European businesses. Czech 3D print specialist Prusa Research is...

Wipro Partners with Alfresco for Open Source Digital Transformation Program

Under this partnership, Wipro and Alfresco will introduce a series of go-to-market initiatives, including a combined Predictive Service Automation solution using machine learning and artificial...

Open Source SDK from Tap Systems

Tap Systems, Inc. have released a developer software developer kit (SDK). The released SDK enables developers to design applications that incorporate and/or include the...

Oculus buys open source supporting, eye-tracking startup

To expanding its presence in the world of virtual reality (VR), Facebook-owned Oculus has acquired The Eye Tribe. The Danish startup is known for...

AMD has open source immersive VR audio engine to rival NVIDIA

AMD is all set to lead the race in the world of virtual reality (VR) with its newest open source audio rendering engine TrueAudio...