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Microsoft brings Linux even to Windows Server

Microsoft has released its second Insider preview build for Windows Server 2016. The new version, debuted as Windows Server Insider Build 16257, enables Windows...

Microsoft plans a Linux-friendly future for its server platforms

Microsoft is updating its Nano Server to serve the container space with a Linux-friendly experience. Alongside supporting proprietary solutions, the Redmond company is set...

“Linux interoperability has been enabled through work across Microsoft”

Players in the Linux community often find Microsoft and open source technology not quite in sync. Ironically, Microsoft is one of the major contributors...

Microsoft: We Don’t Compete with Linux, But with Linux Vendors

With initiatives like the Imagine Cup and PhoneGap Meetup, Microsoft is surely taking many steps forward to engage with open source communities across the...

‘Microsoft’s Working Towards Establishing a Long-term Community Connection’

"Microsoft is open to openness," says Vijay Rajagopalan, principal architect in Microsoft's interoperability team. The LINUX For You team caught up with him to...