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The Institute Of Informatics And Communication (IIC), South Campus, University Of Delhi, held its annual inter-collegiate open source technical festival, Envisage’10 in collaboration with AMD India on March 5-6, 2010,. Since its inception in 1998, the institute has been making a valuable contribution to the Indian telecommunications and IT industry,  and over the years has been recognised as a centre of academic excellence and a major technology hub.

Envisage ’10 saw participations from many prestigious institutions like IIT Rourkee, DCE, USIT, NSIT, NIT Kurukshetra, PGDAV, MERI, Dept. of Electronics and MBE from University of Delhi , LBSIM, JSS, et al.

Envisage ’10 proved to be a platform that brought together youth, academia and industry. The competitions at Envisage ’10 drove thinking technologists to simplify, understand and solve the challenges presented to them. The competitions were designed to test both the academic and practical knowledge of the participants. With events spanning many IT disciplines, it was an enthralling experience for young innovators from across the country.

Envisage’10 revealed the subtleties of the IT industry and bridged the chasm between the academic and real-life work environments. It witnessed the participation of some of the most acclaimed voices from the industry. With an footfall of around 300 students from across the country and active involvement from leaders in the IT industry, the event brought with it the excitement of joining together technology, knowledge and minds of everyone.

There was a whole gamut of events that were so planned in order to evolve the spirit of engineering. The format was an eclectic mix of both technical and fun events that promote the idea of IIC’s holistic vision. The events encompass many IT disciplines.

The excitement brewing with competition from across the nation
The excitement brewing with competition from across the nation

This year, the first day kicked off with programming challenges like Objectzkreig, Be-The-Ritchie and Hex O’ Brian that saw an intense competition from participants from the various institutes. The open source quiz saw a packed room of enthusiasts cheering on their teams. Chamber of Secrets, the cryptography event registered the highest number of participations with participants trying hard to crack the nerve-cracking codes. While the day was packed with fun and competition, what with a treasure hunt and mixed bag which was a fun event that also was the biggest crowd-puller, during the evening it was time to write algorithms for genome sequencing over a cup of tea and snacks. Yet, there were those shortlisted bright brains who competed overnight to design websites on the theme provided.

The next day started with a gush of excitement with participants cracking questions to make it to the final round of the much-awaited Information and Communication Technology (ICT) quiz. Then, there was Loggerheads, the LAN gaming contest that was designed to test the teamwork and skill of the finalists. Later during the day the short-listed teams presented their innovative ideas at Tech-Talk, the paper presentation event under the scrutiny of a distinguished panel of judges. The two-day long event came to an end with the valedictory functions where the PRATAADIT team from DCE took away the team trophy.

Team DCE delighted beyond words being the winners of ENVISAGE '10
Team DCE delighted beyond words being the winners of ENVISAGE ’10

Envisage’10 has set a higher benchmark for the coming years. If the standard set is something to go by then in the coming years Envisage would only be bigger and better.

Experience the event visually: ENVISAGE ’10 on Picasa Web Albums



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