What Makes Magento the Best E-commerce Platform?


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that besides having rich features, offers users unparalleled flexibility to manage the content, looks and functionality of their eCommerce store. Moreover, it offers a spontaneous administration interface that includes a robust marketing, search engine optimization and catalogue-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites customized as per their unique business requirements.

Another advantage of choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform is that it offers companies the ultimate e-commerce solution by provident a potent combination of highly scalable design and an extensive support network. Considering the remarkable benefits Magento ecommerce platform has been offering, it has added to its reputation as being one of the most reliable amongst online shopping cart website owners considering the ROI it generates.

You can easily integrate Magento into your online shopping website for the much required edge in creating a dynamic interface that not only sells and compels; but also provide an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Why is Magento the most preferred E-Commerce Platform?

-Magento platform comes packed with loads of user-friendly features.
-It allows you to update your ecommerce website automatically, which is not available in other e-commerce platforms.
-It is simple, quick and versatile, which makes it easy for customers to search and purchase products and services through Magento-powered websites.
-Magento offers users with highly interactive shopping experience.
-Besides supporting multiple website, Magento also lends support to online stores in promoting their inventory in diverse domains.
-Magento being designed to be a configuration based MVC system (along with a range of extensions) helps to make your website highly scalable.
-Magento e-commerce platform features a powerful SEO, marketing and catalogue management tools so as to fulfil exclusive business requirements of merchants.

BEATING THE COMPETITION: What makes Magento stand out?

Magento vs. Shopify
While Magento as an open source platform offers hundreds of templates and extensions; Shopify, which requires its own language (Liquid) is a relatively smaller platform offering a limited template of only 200. Moreover, Shopify lacks the extensiveness of Magento as it does not have many reporting and customization options as the latter. In short, Shofify can be an excellent choice for those running small websites and need it within a short period; while Magento is the perfect choice for those who need a robust and reliable e-commerce platform.

Magento vs. Miva Merchant
Magento is free to download, while Miva is ‘paid’ though not pricey. Even though Magento do not offer any loyalty program or reseller discounts, it allows you to use product reviews and the wish list features, which however is not available with Miva. And last but not the least, while you require to use PHP for Magento; the language used for Miva programming is Custom.

Magento vs. BigCommerce
One of the biggest advantage of BigCommerce is its ease to set up, besides its affability to focus on international shipping. While Magento offers a fairly simple and easy to use framework; with BigCommerce there is every likelihood of a business getting stuck with complex plug-ins and limited third party support.

Magento vs. WordPress
You can actually add ecommerce plugins to the popular WordPress platform. However, since WordPress was basically designed as a blogging platform that now allows ecommerce through plugins; so why use e-commerce on a key blogging area. Why not choose customized e-commerce solution – Magento if at all e-commerce is slated to be your website’s key business activity?

Magento vs. XCart
While Magento is an open source platform, in XCart the code is defined. Moreover, XCart is quite complex to customize and lack the flexibility of Magento.


Although every ecommerce solution has its definite advantages and disadvantages, it is important to have a clear concept of your prime business priorities while choosing the right platform for your e-commerce website. So you need to contemplate as to which one will benefit you the most; because every business has individual requirements for creating the right system. Magento is one of the most preferred by business across all sections from start-ups, to SMEs to large enterprises.


  1. I do agree Hariot! Magento an open source is full of rich features, flexibility with
    nature of integrating advancement time to time for the functionalities that any
    eCommerce website is run upon. Admins do find it efficient enough to work with much
    convenience to handle the store. Customized Magento extensions, themes and
    various tools for customer care are the real strengths for well-organized catalogue management, making the store search engine approachable. It greatly
    helps in promoting the site to millions of viewers.

    Comparison of Magento with other conventional eCommerce platforms that you have described here is really eye-opening for people associated with eCommerce market. How Magento comes over them, not voicing; think you have mentioned all essentials
    along the way!

  2. Among the top million sites, Magento enjoys a 34.8% market share. This shows that Magento still owns the market, particularly where sites are doing significant business. The reson behind is that it can be downloaded for free. Since
    this is open source software, developers can modify the source code and
    add features and functionality by creating or installing add-ons and
    plug-ins as per your business requirement. Hire top magento developers at bmcsolutions.com.au

  3. 10 Reasons People Love Shopify instead of magento
    1. Shopify Is Easy to Use
    2. Shopify Is Hosted
    3. Reliability
    4. Customizable Design
    5. The Shopify App Store
    6. Simple to use
    7.Unlimited, 24/7 toll free Shopify support
    8.Conveniently run your store on the go
    9.1-click integrations
    10.Start selling in no time at all
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  4. If you want to establish successful eCommerce business, you have to choose best eCommerce platform. Magento is the best eCommerce platform. It offers large range of features to design interactive and user friendly website.

  5. Well, I’m totally agree that Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform. Why Magento is best Reason is :

    1) Magento is Open Source = Free!(community edition).

    2) Freedom to choose Hosting Service.

    3) Magento Does Not Penalize you for Growing Bigger.

    4) Easy to integrate third party Apps.

    5) Modular, Customizable and Fast.

    6) Built for SEO.

    7) Run Multiple Websites with one common backend system.

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