The Eight Best Android Apps for Cloud Back-ups


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With mobile computing becoming more prevalent and with smartphones replacing laptops or PCs, there is now a premium on storage space. Cloud storage is the logical step up from traditional storage devices like tapes or hard disks. Here’s a list of the eight best Android apps for cloud storage for you.

Cloud storage has become the current choice, replacing the traditional tape or hard disk storage. With the increased use of smartphones, the need for cloud storage has grown tremendously in recent times. While many of you might be familiar with a few cloud storage providers like Google or Microsoft, there are many others in the market now, particularly for Android. Some of them are free, while others offer additional options for a fee. If you are confused about what might be best for you, here’s a list of the top eight Android cloud storage apps.

Dropbox is one of the most reliable cloud back-up options available for your Android phone. It comes in three options – Basic, Pro and Business. Basic can give you 2GB of space and allows your files to be accessible from anywhere. Pro supports 1TB memory with a fee, and Business can give you unlimited data storage.
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Box provides secure cloud storage and has many features with cross-platform support. It comes in four options for easy choice – Personal, Starter, Business and Enterprise.
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Google Drive
Most of us want to use a single account to manage our e-mail and social media profile, and have a back-up storage associated with it. Google simplifies things with its own Google Drive, which provides 15GB of free Google storage to keep pictures, videos or just about anything!
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OneDrive from Microsoft is another cloud storage option with various features for integration with Office 365 and Sharepoint. It also provides 15GB of space to kick start your cloud storage and has simplified sharing options.
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G-Cloud Backup
G-Cloud Backup has an improved UI and provides an efficient way of automatically backing up contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and more.
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Helium is another very convenient app, which can be used with your Android smartphones. It also provides an option to back up and sync Android applications. It has the feature of syncing app data from your other Android devices.
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Avast Mobile Backup and Restore
Avast is known for its security and the company ensures exactly that with this app. It allows you to securely transport your file to the cloud so that you need not worry about theft and accidental damage. Also, with a variety of features, like scheduled back-ups, you can sync everything on your phone to the cloud.
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SMS Backup +
Even though this app doesn’t back up a lot of items, it does a great job backing up messages and call logs to the cloud. With a simple UI, it will automatically back up these items.
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