10 Best WordPress Plugins that will boost the Search of your Website



Are you keen to progress your WordPress site search? Well you all must be aware that the default search feature of WordPress is moderately restraining. Yet numerous WordPress search plugins are available which can easily assist you in boosting the default search experience

Here we have emphasized on some of the 10 best WordPress search plugins that can customize and boost your website search.

WP Search
WP search plugin looks for enhancing the distinctiveness by concentrating mainly on the content and titles, instead of sorting the search results via date. The plugin even allows you to command the weight of significance provided to both content and titles. Along with exploring the pages and posts, you are allowed to add revisions, attachments, comments, categories, and nav menu items. It even covers Boolean operator and wildcard support. The settings include- Search Controls: Title boost, Content boost, Search Types; Rebuild Controls (advanced): Index and search comments, which you need to adjust as per you.

It is a strong custom WordPress search plugin that is simple to utilize, and search results are moderately more precise. With this plugin, you can search your keywords in the page or post title, categories, slug, content, taxonomies, tags, comments, and excerpt. You can hold command on the algorithm by consigning weight towards every content type beginning from one to ten, where ten is the top most. When activated, SearchWP files your content automatically, and restores the search feature default in WP.

Google Custom Search for WordPress
Google stands as everything when it approaches to search. You can easily craft a custom Google search engine concerning your website and incorporate it to the WordPress, which is of course the best. The disadvantage is that it approaches with the individual branding of Google that may not be too much awful as the users have faith on such brand from beforehand.

Highlight Search Terms
Highlighting search terms placed on the results page can surely assist you in developing the user experience greatly. This plugin even enhances the possibilities of searching what they are actually finding. While utilizing the default WordPress search, you can simply execute it by checking over the ‘templates’ search results found in your child theme page.

Search by Category
With the use of Search by Category plugin you can insert a category drop downwards to the WordPress searching. The users or readers can restrict their search to a particular category in getting the exact result. Search by Category even lets you in eliminating categories from search zone, and you can simply insert it by applying a widget regarding your sidebar.

Adding Taxonomy Filter to WordPress Search
If you are utilizing tags, custom taxonomy, or categories for arranging contents, then you can insert taxonomy filter for search purpose in order to narrow down the perfect result, which will be really advantageous for you. With the help of Ajax WP Query Search Filters, you can craft custom WP search forms along with checkboxes for post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. This plugin also applies Ajax for loading end results, so that it can execute swiftly and offer an excellent user experience.

Create an Advanced Search Form for Custom Post Types
While using the WordPress search plugin, you can easily insert variety of content kinds towards your WP website. Take for example; custom post types are used for Deals and Glossary segments at WPBeginner. You may see that numerous WordPress websites include custom post types for products, recipes, reviews, etc. Yet while managing post types, the default WP search is not that much fine.

Simply Exclude
As the name itself says, at time you may like to leave out particular contents that are from search results. This WP search plugin permits you to keep out the contents that are supported on your chosen criterion. Take for example; you can leave out all the posts that are there in the category platform, you can exclude the posts that are tagged showcase.

It is a free as well as paid version. The Swiftype WordPress search plugin can file your important documents, and the plugin executes quickly, more than the WordPress search default. The end results are excessively appropriate. It can even pile up the user searches and will exhibit you whatever users are looking for, on what search they clicked, etc.

Add Voice Search in WordPress
This plugin will permit you to insert the voice search abilities in your WP search form, which is quite similar to the voice search using Google Now, Cortana, etc added in your smartphone.

Therefore by now you might have pretty well understood about the above mentioned WordPress plugins that can heighten the search of your website. You can now use one of your favourite WordPress search plugins and check the superb outcome.


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