Windows 10 Is a ‘Good Reason’ For Users To Switch To Ubuntu, says Canonical

So, now that Windows 10 has been announced, customers should ask themselves “Is this the right time for the transition?”, asked Canonical.

Taking a rather bold step, Canonical has gone ahead to ask the users if the launch of Windows 10 operating system is a good enough incentive to switch to Ubuntu. Canonical, the Ubuntu maker, has been taking direct stands for quite sometime now. Last time, Canonical strongly voiced its opinion during the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, that coincided with the release of Windows 8 operating system. The company positioned Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a perfect alternative to Windows 8. Although Canonical has not made any declarations since then, the company is busy talking to the corporate entities about considering Ubuntu instead of Windows. However, the company is doing this exercise secretly.

Taking up the issue in the blog post, Canonical said, “Public and private enterprises across the world have been using Microsoft Windows for years, but it calls into question whether this is in fact is the best choice or simply force of habit.

With the recent security and performance issues coming to the fore, an increasing number of companies are exploring the benefits of using alternative operating systems, and harvesting the benefits of ultra secure, robust, high performance options. Plus, the cherry on the top is that royalty, maintenance and training costs for users that can be reduced by as much as 70 per cent!”

“Increasingly, CTOs are questioning whether they actually need to remain in this locked-in situation. Frequently asked questions include: can I deploy an alternate OS in our computer park without compromising on productivity whilst reducing costs? Will the performance of the OS deliver on its promise? Will I be able to drive down royalty costs without having to make hefty financial investments on technical support and training? The answer is yes. Ubuntu can offer this and more.

So, now that Windows 10 has been announced, customers should ask themselves if this is the right time to transition? The ‘comfortable’ next move would be to simply upgrade; however, the heavy resource constraints on devices and meatier royalty fees have turned off even the most fervent Windows followers. Top media across the globe are analysing ways to snub Windows 10 (see Le Monde August 4, 2015 article ‘5 operating systems to snub Windows 10’) and, in my opinion, for mainstream users who care about their privacy, this is probably the best possible time to take a closer look at other choices,” the Ubuntu maker added.

It should be noted that Canonical has no plans of releasing any major distribution in the near future. Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is likely to arrive in October this year. A new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will arrive next year in April. However, they will support the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS till 2019.



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