Google joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project by Facebook was developed with the main aim of creating a community of companies who could share their data center designs freely.

The project was for accelerating the emergence of Internet hardware as well as increase its uptake. The increase in demand would eventually drive down the hardware cost.

The  move became very popular and saw big names in the game joining the race. These included companies like Microsoft, HP and Quanta. There were only two companies who were left out from this race. These were Google and Amazon.

Moreover, this number has dropped to one with the recent announcement made by Google at the annual Open Compute Summit held in San Jose, California. Google has joined the project and is working with Facebook on a new open source hardware. The project will give a major push to the rest of the industry.

As per Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure, Jason Taylor, “The community and Google have inched closer and closer together.”

Google’s announcement is also indicative of other changes within the big Internet players. It also marks the entry of artificial intelligence technology which has been making rapid headway in many parts of the world.


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