Forget Raspberry Pi, VoCore brings Linux to a coin-sized module



VoCore is a coin-sized computer that works similar to Raspberry Pi. It runs on Linux-based OpenWrt operating system and is designed for future IoT and open source solutions.

You might be planning to use Raspberry Pi for your next project, but VoCore has just been emerged as an even small solution to let you fulfill your dreams by spending as low as $20. This new coin-sized computer runs on Linux-based OpenWrt platform.

The VoCore does not have as high-performance CPU or RAM as the latest Raspberry Pi has. But the new module comes in just one square inch to enable easy embedding in some of your next Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

To perform your tasks, the VoCore has a 360MHz MIPS CPU, 32MB of RAM and 8MB flash storage. The square-shaped board additionally has USB 2.0, Ethernet, 20+ GPIOs and Wi-Fi connectivity.

VoCore Linux Raspberry Pi
VoCore circuit

There is OpenWrt operating system that is based on Linux 3.10.44. The lightweight platform can boot in just a few seconds to let you start developing your projects at a faster pace.

If the given hardware is not enough for your development, you can also opt a dock that adds a headphone jack, RJ45, microSD card slot and an additional USB 2.0 port.

While the original VoCore comes at $20, the VoCore with dock costs you $45. Additionally, there is also an option for a 1080p camera unit that has a built-in microphone for adding $40 with your VoCore unit.

The VoCore is seemingly good enough if you want to develop a new IoT device or looking to add some advancements to the present world of routers. However, if your requirement is a full-fledged Linux system, Raspberry Pi is still a considerable option for you.


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