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Rackspace now lets you deploy OpenStack on any data centre



Rackspace has made OpenStack available for data centres all around the globe. The cloud computing platform was launched in 2010 to offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for web products.

Rackspace has announced the open availability of OpenStack cloud computing platform to let you deploy its presence on any of your data centre. The new development is aimed to help enterprises and mid-market organisations that want a managed service for their private cloud deployments.

OpenStack was originally designed in 2010 as a joint project between Rackspace Hosting and NASA. Previously, the platform was requiring a native reference architecture to control processing, storage and networking resources of a data centre. But now, it’s open for all, with a simple goal to deliver you an efficient hybrid approach.

“Companies realise they can free up money and resources for more strategic business investments when they turn their IT capital expenses into operating expenses,” says Darrin Hanson, GM and VP of OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace, in a press statement. “When OpenStack is consumed as a managed service, businesses can remove non-core operations, reduce software licensing and minimise infrastructure acquisition and IT operations costs.”

Rackspace is aiming to use OpenStack to increase the adoption of private cloud in companies. The platform is already claimed to provide 99.99 per cent uptime SLA to deliver its clients a continuous connectivity to their data.

As a result of the new development, you can now deploy Rackspace Private Cloud with OpenStack support on any of your data centre around the world. Rackspace is offering full installation of its service that includes end-to-end deployment, monitoring and operations of the required integrated solutions. Furthermore, Equinix is on the board to fasten your experience.

The new announcement emerges just a day after Texas-based Rackspace announced its partnership with Google for co-developing an open server architecture. The new design is based on IBM Power9 CPU.



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