Birds Linux 8.0 debuts to help students with new features

Bird Linux

Bird Linux

While the original Linux distribution is enough for developers, students need something more. Therefore, Francesco Milesi has developed Birds Linux 8.0 as the latest open source Linux distribution to ease learning for students.

Unlike its previous versions, Birds Linux 8.0 comes preloaded with GNOME 3 desktop environment to deliver a fresh experience to students. It is based on the widely known Sabayon distribution, backed by Linux Kernel 4.5 series.

The new Birds Linux version has LibreOffice 5.1.2 to offer on-the-go productivity. Additionally, there are the latest versions of software such as Chrome 50.0.2661.94, Empathy 3.12.11, GIMP 2.8.14-r1 and VLC 2.2.2.

To give security to the student users, Birds Linux 8.0 has Tor Bundle 5.5.5. There are applications like Budgie Zero 1.0, Budgie Calc 6.1, Wren Matrix 2.0 and Hoopoe 1.0 for mathematic calculations as well as AuLi 1.0 and pH Calc 1.0 to solve some chemistry problems.

Milesi has provided support for GNOME 3.18.4 packages. Additionally, there is BirdsApp 2.0 GUI to install new applications.

You can test the features of Birds Linux 8.0 on your 64-bit system right away. However, its 32-bit compatible version is yet to be available.


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