BackBox Linux 4.6 delights ethical hackers with updated hacking tools

BackBox Linux

BackBox Linux

Developer Raffaele Forte has pleased thousands of ethical hackers worldwide with the release of BackBox Linux 4.6. The new Ubuntu-based Linux distribution offers an enhanced set of tools for penetration test and security assessment.

As an upgrade over its four-month-old version, BackBox Linux 4.6 comes with Linux Kernel 4.2. It is also backed by preconfigured Ruby 2.2 and includes some bug fixes.

For some professional ethical hacking practices, Forte has uplifted the new BackBox Linux distribution with Metasploit penetration testing software, wxHexEditor free hex and desk editor, DirSearch Web path scanner and an all-new SE Toolkit. There is also a WPScan BlackBox WordPress vulnerability scanner to enable security testing support on blogs and websites.

The new BackBox Linux version additionally upgrades the existing Volatility memory forensics framework, Yara pattern matching Swiss knife for malware researchers, OpenVAS and BeEF web browser exploitation framework.

You can install BackBox Linux 4.6 on your system by downloading its 64-bit or 32-bit Live ISO image. If you are presently running a previous version of BackBox Linux, you can install the update by following the upgrade instructions on the official website.


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