Open365 emerges as an open source competitor against Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs



Open365 is based on LibreOffice Online and offers 20GB of cloud storage to take on Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs.

While Microsoft and Google are already taking productivity as one of their focus areas, open source has empowered Open365 to compete against the two giants. The new solution comes with the cloud integration to let you edit your documents online.

Open365 uses LibreOffice Online to offer you an online productivity suite. The developers behind the open source have provided its client apps for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Alternatively, it can be directly accessed through a web browser.

To give a tough competition to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs, Open365 provides 20GB of cloud storage. This can be used to store your files and edit them online, right from your browser.

You can edit any of your documents, spreadsheets or presentations using the new open source suite. There is also support for viewing images. Further, there is Seafile file hosting software system that lets you easily view and share your personal files over the cloud.

The team behind Open365 has additionally used solutions like KDE, Docker and Jitsi. These open source enablers provide you features like a mail client, online calculator and contact book.

You can test the beta version of Open365 today. It can be accessed either on your desktop or directly through your server.


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