Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 brings Libreswan VPN protocol implementation

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 Cloud Suite

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 Cloud Suite

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 released with Libreswan, which is an implementation of one of the widely supported VPN protocols. The new version also has tools like Relax-and-Recover and an enhanced Yum to deliver an advanced experience.

Red Hat has released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 as the latest version of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform. The new operating system is aimed to enhance security through the all-new Libreswan VPN implementation.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 continues to demonstrate Red Hat’s commitment to our customers’ many mission-critical deployments by delivering a proven foundation for the applications and systems that power the modern enterprise,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, platform business unit, Red Hat, in a statement.

Replaces Openswan

Replacing the existing Openswan, the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux version brings with Libreswan to offer recent advances in VPN security. The previous Identity Management client code (SSSD) has also received new capabilities to deliver faster client-side performance and simpler management. Further, there is a simplified support for Adcli and SSSD now supports user authentication via smart cards for both system login and related functions.

New tools

Apart from the major new additions, system archiving tool Relax-and-Recover has been included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 to provide a more streamlined system administration usage. This new tool brings an ability for system administrators to let them create local backups in an ISO format. Notably, the backup files can be centrally archived and replicated remotely to enable simplified disaster recovery operations.

The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux additionally comes preloaded with an enhanced Yum tool to simplify the addition of packages. It adds an intelligence layer to the process of locating packages.

Red Hat has added Dmstats program to display and manage I/O statistics for user-defined regions using the device-mapper driver. Besides, there is an expanded XFS filesystem support to let you use the Scalable File System Add-on for adding up to 300TB of data.

“With enhancements to security features and management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 remains a solid, proven base for modern enterprise IT operations,” Totton added.

Comes with updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 base image

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 comes with an updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 base image to enable you to migrate your workloads into container-based applications. You can install the new version directly through the official Red Hat customer portal.


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