Open source BI framework Helical Insight launched in India

Helical Insight open source Business Intelligence framework

Helical Insight open source Business Intelligence framework

Helical IT Solutions has launched its ‘Helical Insight’ in India. The new offering is claimed to be the world’s first open source Business Intelligence (BI) framework that offers built-in functionalities to utilise in-house resources for end users.

Unlike a traditional BI tool that provides basic functions like email scheduling, multi-tenant environment and visualisation options, Helical Insight comes bundled with some advanced features such as inbuilt workflow and instant BI that is backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The product does not occupy space on a particular hardware as it works as a browser-based tool.

Helical Insight BI framework
Helical Insight is more than just a traditional BI tool

“We have created the world’s first open source BI Framework that is a powerful tool and an economical solution for companies to leverage data-driven strategies to leapfrog others to become best in class,” said Nikhilesh Tiwari, founder, Helical IT Solutions, in a statement. “Helical Insight, being a developer friendly framework, allows customers to add functionalities at will wherever required without depending on the vendor.”

API-driven BI offering

With the API-driven functionality of Helical Insight, it allows you to expand its presence simply through integrating APIs. The system also gives you an integrated workflow to enable implementation of different functional modules. Moreover, the existence of machine learning and an NLP module provides you as a business user a straight way to interact with your data, get answers to your questions — all without the need of any third-party support.

Already ‘Battle-tested’

Hyderabad, Telangana-based Helical IT Solutions says that its open source Helical Insight has already been “battle-tested”. Thus, you can check its experience today.

The framework is available free for the first six months. You need to provide your details on the official website to access its functions on the go.



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