Wipro partners with Hortonworks to open source big data tech

Wipro Galaxia


Wipro has announced its formal partnership with Hortonworks to open source its big data technology. Called Big Data Ready Enterprise (BDRE), the new open source product is released under the Apache Public License v2.0.

To give a boost its existing open source practice, Wipro is set to offer BDRE for both individuals and organisations. This new product will address problems related big data and analytics and will ultimately enhance Wipro’s presence in the community-driven world of open source.

“BDRE will not only make big data technology adoption simpler and effective, but it will also open opportunities across industry verticals that organisations can successfully leverage,” says Bhanumurthy BM, President and CEO, Wipro Limited, in a statement.

California-based Hortonworks considers the new development as a step further to its existing relationship with Wipro. The product is presumed to have over 100 opportunities across industry verticals.

“We are glad to hear that Wipro has open sourced its big data and analytics product BDRE and taken a stride in contributing to the open source community. This step will help us further strengthen our relationship and reinforces our belief in open source technology for the enterprise,” said Herb Cunitz, President, Hortonworks.

According to The Open Source Era study — commissioned by Wipro, 64 percent of respondents of Oxford Economics research believe that open source will drive big data efforts in the next three years. BDRE is aiming to enable product growth and would take the existing big data developments to new levels.

Wipro plans to utilise its new open source product for a collaborative development to ultimately deliver an efficient solution to develop operational frameworks for the masses.

Apart from the Bengaluru-headquartered company, other IT leaders including Infosys and Tech Mahindra are also developing new open source technologies. All this is likely to give a strong push to the existing community and would open new avenues for developers.


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