VMware launches Liota open source IoT SDK



American cloud and virtualisation company VMware has launched Liota as its first open source software development kit (SDK) for the world of Internet of Things (IoT). The new offering is designed to build secure IoT gateway data and control orchestration applications.

Announcing the Liota SDK, VMware SVP and CIO Bask Iyer said the new kit enables the libraries to develop applications that connect and orchestrate data and control flows across connected devices, gateways and the cloud. “Liota has been generalised to allow, via modules, interaction with any data centre component, over any transport, and for any IoT gateway,” writes Iyer in a blog post.

VMware’s Liota isn’t just an open source SDK for IoT devices, but also it comes as a vendor-neutral kit to let enterprises manage and leverage multiple gateway vendors within their IoT infrastructure.

“Liota solves an industry problem that’s very real and has been validated in many recent discussions I’ve had, including with some VMware customers who have had early access to the framework,” Iyer writes.

VMware has already tested the operations of Liota on solutions such as VMware AirWatch, VMware vRealise Operations Manager and open source tool Graphite. The kit is written in Python and is available for access through GitHub.

Liota is expected to enhance the development of new IoT devices as it helps better decouple data. Moreover, it gives ease in analysing and transporting large data to the cloud or data centre.


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