Secret features of your CRM software

CRM software

CRM software

As we all know a CRM (customer research management) software helps the company keep a track of their sales, data, lead transition, region and product performances. Every company uses this software whether it is on the cloud or using an on-premise technology. The CRM software package can be a small one, or a multi-module one; the thing is this package is still one of the prime reasons for a business running efficiently. But a question arises here that are those the only uses of a CRM software?

We have ample of reasons to believe that a CRM software can do much more if used wisely and to its full capacity. Here are some of the major hidden features of a CRM software that you can use today and make your organisation better than others.

secret CRM software features
What is all hidden behind your CRM software?


Social CRM – If yours is a B2C company and heavily influenced with what the customers are talking about you, you need to move clearly over the traditional CRM software and adopt a Social CRM. A Social CRM lets you hear what your customers are talking about your brand across social media platforms, collect the data and treat the same for inferences which can be used to champion the marketing campaigns that will be conducted in future. A Social CRM brings all your departments closer and makes them an extended hand of your marketing department. The sales, customer service and various other channels can team up with your marketing department to ensure the success of campaigns as well as providing excellent service to the customers.

Targeted marketing – A CRM software solution does not only capture data of lead and sales. In fact, there is so much significant amount of data which is captured yearly, monthly, by region and product that you can segregate them to study your customers better. You can analyse the trends, the interests of the customers, divide them into various demographics and segments and use the data to market the product or the service customized to the particular segment. You can analyse the reports and see how well each segment is performing and also simply understand the trends to customise the campaign further. A targeted marketing approach is useful to gain a precise equation and an optimum ROI.

Feedback loop – Feedback is important for any organization. The bigger the selling audience, the more important feedback becomes for bettering the service and even getting new ideas to innovate or expand. The problem is not the way in which you capture the feedback but how you can treat the data forms the crux. You can collect feedback through online forms, emails or even calls but if all the information is not centralized, it will just double your work. You can integrate your website with the CRM software for the purpose of capturing feedback and even sorting and grading the same. The data can then be analysed for input on the company overall.

Creating and maintaining goodwill – Now some of you may claim that this is a far – fetched idea. Yes, it is.. but not impossible at the same time. A goodwill of a company is an asset and worth billions of dollars for some. Hence, emphasising on the way that the customers and their needs are taken care of. Let a CRM software help you with maintaining an excellent customer service benchmark so that you have not only repeat business but also word of mouth marketing which is considered the best and the most authentic kind of marketing in today’s world.

Trend identification – For any company, seasonality is a major issue. To avoid seasonality, companies indulge in concepts like de-marketing and promotions as well as give heavy discounts and upgrades at nominal charges. The first step though in this to identify the trends, the buying patterns of the consumers and see if it has been consistent or not. Several times, inconsistent buying behaviour is taken for seasonality which may affect the company over all. Since all the data is already present in the CRM software, the company can make use of the same along with interactive dashboards and real-time analysis to identify the accurate buying and interest patterns and also if they are affected by discounts. This can help the marketing, sales and services department to collectively work on a plan which can reduce the slack which comes with an off-season period.


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