5 tools to easily develop an online shopping website

online shopping


online shopping

Creating an online shopping website can irrefutably be a daunting and overwhelming experience for beginners to the e-commerce world. Speaking of e-commerce, it is the most popular business trend of our times as most people are well equipped with the internet. Utilising this developing trend, hundreds of online stores are setting up every year.

Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs out there who fancy having a unique online shopping website for their products or services, but they have a petite idea on where to begin to build an online store. Here, we will put forward a list of five tools that will help in developing an online shopping website for your business.


BigCommerce is a pretty popular choice amongst those considering setting up an online shop for their products and services. BigCommerce is quite renowned for offering an excellent, comprehensive package to its clients. With this platform, you are more than likely to find all the features that you are looking for. From professional looking templates to customized templates, it has solutions for all. Besides, you don’t always need experts to add the features or tweak your store, it’s easy and can be done by yourself.

The user interface is simple, easy to follow and helps in offering an easy sign-up process. Also, it has more than 60 payment gateways integrated into its platform. So it will be easy for you to find what works for you. And, its users only find good things to say about its customer services!


Shopify is another strong candidate in action and is apparently known to be one of the best online store builders in the market. The ease to use, simple interface and plenty of features make it the most highly preferred tool for building a store online. Besides, its professionally designed templates will make your website look stylish and elegant.
The main highlight of Shopify is their App store, which houses hundreds of tools that you can use for your store — especially when your business starts to grow and flourish. Some of its key features include SSL security, a custom mobile template, a personal app store and an unlimited server bandwidth. When compared with other tools, Shopify offers the maximum amount of user customizations than others.

Shopify is available in five different plans, and its prices range moves from affordable to expensive. The platform offers you 24/7 customer support service along with live chat option.

Weebly E-commerce

If you are serious about building your own online shopping website and don’t really need all the features offered by Shopify and BigCommerce, you must consider the services of Weebly E-commerce. Experts recommend using Weebly E-commerce as it is very easy to use and has a simple interface.

Although Weebly E-commerce is not comprehensive with its features, they are easiest to use when it comes to other tools for building online shopping websites. Besides, with Weebly E-commerce, you can still set up a store with a fully integrated shopping cart using PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net.


Quite indisputably, Magento isn’t the easiest tool to work with, but if you are looking at maximising sales and optimising your operations, Magento wins the race! A good e-commerce tool should allow you to customise everything on your website, from template designs to storefront’s interface, and Magento just lets you do that. Besides, with the help of Magento extension development, it also helps in creating outstanding extensions without interfering the Magento core.

With the undistinguishable pricing of this tool, you don’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions. This limits things like number of transactions available per month. Magento ranges between free versions to paid plug-ins and extensions. With very little or no cost, Magento can help you build an excellent shopping website of your own.

Magento does a phenomenal job in allowing you to create an online shopping site that looks and works exactly as you want. It is one of the most flexible tools you’ll ever work with. It has got multiple plug-ins and extensions available, thanks to the far-fetched Magento’s community presence worldwide.

Clearly, just a handful of e-commerce tools would come close to Magento, considering the myriad of benefits that Magento offers.

Squarespace Commerce

Lastly, we have Squarespace commerce to help you build a shopping website at low costs. If you are planning to run your show with a simple storefront, then Squarespace commerce will be an ideal candidate.

Unlike other tools, Squarespace is not a full-fledged e-commerce builder that provides comprehensive e-commerce services to its clients. But having said that, it does have a superb set of tools to help you sell products and services online.

Squarespace commerce will give you complete control over key factors of your store such as product variants, shipping costs, taxes, customer email database, managing inventories. These tools help you run your own online store. Also, there are some of the most elegant and professional looking templates. So if you want a website that looks polished and classy, Squarespace commerce should be explored.

In order to get you started, it is strongly advisable that you go through each of these tools carefully before zeroing down to any. Understand pros and cons, speak to the experts, read reviews and so forth for each of the above-mentioned tools.


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