Docker officially debuts on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that its Raspberry Pi models will now officially support Docker containers. The new development comes from the latest Docker release that includes Raspbian Jessie installation support.

With the addition of the Raspbian Jessie installation, Raspberry Pi users can install the Docker client on their single-board computer by passing curl -sSL | sh terminal command. This single command enables the creation of new containers as well as let budding developers work on any of the pre-made starter containers.

Even more, enthusiasts can create a computer cluster and build a powerful machine of networked Raspberry Pis by using Raspberry Pi together with Docker Swarm.

Emerged through just a small tweak

Docker captain Dieter Reuter explained he had added the correct detection of the Raspbian OS in to enable the new support. “Since Raspbian has to support ARMv6 and ARMv7, we have to use Raspbian/Jessie instead of Debian/Jessie to classify the OS the right way,” he wrote in a GitHub conversation.

Unofficial support already existed

While The Raspberry Pi Foundation is quite excited about the new development, Raspberry Pi was supporting Docker containers from the past several months. Recently, HypriotOS came to its existence to offer Docker integration for the entire Raspberry Pi family that includes the latest Pi 3 and Zero as well as the first and second generations of the affordable computer.


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