Instasafe joins world’s leading Cloud Security Alliance


Cloud computing

Cloud-based security solution provider Instasafe has joined Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) as a Corporate Member. The company has also joined Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI) to grow its presence in the Indian market.

“Instasafe looks forward to contributing to CSA’s initiatives and research and helping to build better and stronger cloud security standards and best practices,” said Sandip Kumar Panda, CEO of Instasafe Technologies, in a statement.

CSA recently started its Security-as-a-Service Working Group to help consumers understand and evaluate their decisions on cloud-delivered security models. Instasafe will integrate its experience and expertise to enhance the recent development.

“With Instasafe Technologies’ experience and expertise in Security-as-a-Service domain, we look forward to their contribution to the CSA Working Group,” said Aloysius Cheang, executive vice president, Asia-Pacific, Cloud Security Alliance.

Instasafe’s Security-as-a-Service solutions are already used by a large number of enterprises and medium businesses in India. Furthermore, the Bengaluru-based company is set to undertake the CSA STAR (Security, Trust and Assurance Registry) certification to deliver confidence and assurance in cloud security technology.



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