KDE Connect lets you sync Android and Linux together

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Android on Linux with KDE Connect

KDE Connect has emerged as a solution to let you receive Android notifications on your Linux desktop. The app links your Android device with Linux desktop that enables a functionality similar to Microsoft’s Windows Continuum and Apple’s Continuity.

One of the prime advantages of KDE Connect is its compatible with all Linux desktop environments. This means that you do not need to install KDE Plasma on your system to enable the synchronisation.

You can link your device and Linux PC together using the KDE Connect app. It allows you to access your smartphone’s notifications and SMS messages directly on your desktop. You can even respond to them from the large Linux screen. Further, the app offers many other useful features like triggering custom commands and using Android smartphone as a remote music controller.

KDE Connect
KDE Connect

The new development is not the result of a day-long job. In fact, the KDE Connect has been under development for several months.

The latest KDE Connect 1.0 adds SMS-reply feature. The connection between PC and Android is made over the local network, which substitutes the possibility of server security breach. Notably, KDE Connect uses TLS encryption to ensure a secure connection.

Once the smartphone is connected, you can ignore completely and depend solely on the Linux PC. On the other hand, client app can even display PC notifications on the mobile device. You have also been given an option to trigger your smartphone from actions on the PC.

You can download the free app from Google Play store or F-Droid. KDE is also working on a framework for universal apps.

Currently, KDE Connect client is available for Android and BlackBerry devices. However, its community is in development to build native support for iPhone in the upcoming version.


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