Raspberry Pi gets LXDE-based PIXEL desktop environment

Raspberry Pi3

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a new LXDE-based desktop environment for Raspbian called PIXEL. The new environment emerged two years after its development and is designed to offer an all new experience on Raspbian distribution.

Simon Long, the creator of PIXEL, has managed to develop a new lightweight desktop environment for Raspbian. PIXEL has a fresh, eye candy design with a panel on top of the window, upgraded set of icons, theme and even applications menu. Long considers that the new desktop environment on Raspbian feels like a complete product.

Raspberry Pi Pixel
PIXEL refreshes experience on Raspberry Pi

PIXEL stands for “Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight”, considered to be a Pi-specific name. “One of the things I said (at least partly in jest) to my colleagues in those first few weeks was that I’d quite like to rename the desktop environment once it was a bit more Pi-specific, and I had the name “pixel” in my mind about two weeks in,” writes Long in a blog post.

The desktop environment for Raspbian additionally brings new applications and added functionalities. PIXEL supports wireless power switching on Raspberry Pi 3 devices which can help users turn off WiFi or Bluetooth or both. The RealVNC viewer Sense HAT emulator has been integrated into PIXEL. Also, Chromium has replaced the default web browser Epiphany.

The latest Raspbian build 2016-09-23 is available to download with PIXEL. It is based on Debian GUI and comes preloaded with Linux kernel 4.4. LTS.


  1. I am hearing the name of Raspberry Pi Foundation. Its work is so amazing but I don’t have any idea about the LXDE-based desktop launched. It will be very helpful for again generation. thanks you so much for this information.


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