Samsung’s JerryScript debuts to take IoT developments to new levels


IoT connectivity through Samsung's JerryScript

While Samsung is facing massive criticism due to its faulty Galaxy Note 7 phablet, it has just developed JerryScript to gain from the world of Internet of Things (IoT). This new offering has emerged as an all new JavaScript engine to enhance various IoT developments.

JerryScript by Samsung comes as an open source engine — aiming at resource-constrained devices. It requires about 64KB of RAM and enables connectivity between multiple devices using a C API. Further, the JavaScript engine is compliant with the older ECMAScript 5.1 specification.

Samsung has provided official support for platforms such as Intel x86-32, x86-64 and ARMv7 Linux. JerryScript is also designed to work with NuttX on STM32F4, RIOT on STM32F4 and Zephyr on Arduino 101 and FRDM-K64F, Curie BSP on Arduino 101 and mbed OS 3.0 on hardware like FRDM-K64F, STM32F4 and STM32F429ZI. Besides, there is experimental support for the ESP8266 chip.

Similar to JerryScript, several JavaScript engines are available today. There are active projects like Cylon.js, Duktape and MuJS.

However, Samsung’s offering works with IOT.js framework to enhance the experience in the IoT field. This new platform provides developers with a lighter version of Node and uses libuv C library.


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