develops open source tool to offer easy AI integration

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Deep learning startup has developed its open source tool called Braid to enable fast and easy integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into different projects. The tool is touted to have flexible, customisable and modular meta-framework that works with various deep learning platforms.

“With Braid, it is easy to start up development immediately and deploy the tool,” said Vinay Kumar Sankarapu, CEO and founder of, in a statement.

Written in Python, Braid supports arbitrary network designs and is designed for rapid development using Google’s Tensorflow library. The open source availability of the tool helps developers not just customise but also add existing neural layers while maintaining the simplicity of code.

“Open sourcing key tools in AI will help discover newer, interesting and more impactful use cases and applications for AI that we may not have even thought of,” 25-year-old Sankarapu stated.

Developers can download the Braid project from its official website. Its code is also available on a GitHub repository to enable prototyping in deep learning.

Started in 2013, works on a vision to simplify the process of building AI. The startup is managed by IIT Bombay alumni Sankarapu and his colleague Deekshith Marla.


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