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SAP launches HANA express edition to target mass developers



SAP has launchedĀ HANA express edition as the free version. This new development brings the enterprise platform to desktops and allows developers to start testing their SAP HANA-based applications on open sourceĀ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications or even Windows or Mac OS devices.

“SAP HANA express edition, is easy to download and free of charge so developers can quickly start building powerful, modern applications using their programming language of choice rather than managing complex IT frameworks and infrastructures,” said Irfan Khan, GM and global head, database and data management, SAP.

SAP HANA express edition is not a full-fledged enterprise offering. However, it delivers developers and entrepreneurs the same Linux enterprise server experience that was previously exclusive to the paid version of HANA. The platform gives database, application and advanced analytics services as well as 32GB of free storage space.

“Businesses need to be agile, and the simplicity of the express edition of SAP HANA means developers can more quickly and cost-effectively provide tools so enterprise customers can be agile. It will allow them to take better advantage of the power of SAP HANA to meet change head-on and make better decisions for their businesses,” said Naji Almahmoud, vice president of cloud and software alliances for SUSE, in a separate statement.

The streamlined version can be downloaded and installed on notebooks, desktops and servers with Windows or Mac OS platform. Developers can also install its presence on a virtual machine with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications or simply as a binary installation package on Linux environments with Intel chipsets.



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