Skype for Linux gets updated with tons of improvements

Skype Linux Alpha

Skype Linux Alpha

Microsoft has released Skype 1.7 for Linux through its alpha channel. The updated Skype client brings several noticeable improvements over the initial build that was released back in July.

According to the official changelog, Skype 1.7 has fixed the standard behaviour of unread messages. This new change brings the focus on the first unread message, and once you scroll down, your new messages will be automatically marked as read. The updated Skype client also comes with a new grid layout for group calls.

In addition to the two big changes, the updated Skype version has fixed the application reconnect bug. Several users reported this error when the app was suspended for a longer time than usual.

Although the Alpha build keeps on improving over time, basic features like one-to-one video calling, text message integration and the ability to add participants to an ongoing call are yet to arrive. However, the Skype team at Microsoft is committed to releasing regular updates every couple of weeks to enhance the experience.

The latest Skype for Linux alpha version is available for download in both DEB and RPM formats.


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