Chain gets open sourced to let developers join blockchain network

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Chain, one of the leading blockchain companies, has finally taken the open source way to succeed. The two-year-old startup on Monday released Chain Core Developer Edition to enable developers to join a blockchain network as well as build financial apps and access technical documentation and tutorials.

Available as a free and open source version, Chain Core Developer Edition offers a distributed ledger platform to allow organisations to issue and transfer assets on permissioned blockchain networks. The open source version also provides developers the option to run their prototypes on a test network operated by Chain and partners like Microsoft, Cornell University collaboration Cornell Tech, UC Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Technion.

“Chain Core Developer Edition provides a seamless end-to-end experience to design, build and test prototypes on a system we created from the ground up to suit the scalability and security requirements of the financial industry,” said Ryan Smith, CTO of Chain, in a statement.

The developer version is the open source model of the program that San Francisco-based Chain developed in partnership with financial giants to support blockchain architecture. It includes a Java SDK and comes with code samples and getting started guides. Also, the company is providing all the necessary installers and a dashboard interface for Windows, Mac and Linux to help developers.

Apart from open sourcing the product itself, Chain has published the technical specification of its protocol that underlying all the major cryptographic rules to define the data model, validation regulations and consensus mechanism for the blockchain offering.

Revolutionalised move

The latest move by Chain would bring a revolution in the world of cryptography and bitcoins. Before its open source availability, users were required to partner with collaborators such as Visa, Nasdaq or Citigroup to enter a blockchain network using Chain.

A large number of developers are likely to test Chain Core through the new model. his would give a swift growth to the blockchain market that is yet to emerge worldwide.


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