CoreOS adds Redspread’s talent to enhance container management


container management

CoreOS, the company that transformed from merely a Linux distribution to an enterprise Kubernetes entity, has announced the addition of the talent from container manager Redspread. The new deal is aimed to upgrade CoreOS’s container management service Tectonic.

As a result of the new transition, CoreOS will now include Redspread co-founders Mackenzie Burnette and Dan Gillespie. Both will join the CoreOS team at its San Francisco headquarters.

“We are thrilled that Redspread is joining CoreOS,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, in a joint release. “With the addition of their outstanding team, we will extend our lead as an integral part of upstream and enterprise Kubernetes developments.”

CoreOS offers Tectonic to extend Google’s Kubernetes with enterprise features and ease container orchestration. It delives components like the Quay private image registry as well as maintains a distributed data store for Kubernetes. These offerings are likely to get some tweaks through the Redspread team.

“By joining with CoreOS, the combined teams will accelerate Kubernetes usability, meeting the operational needs of enterprises looking to use Kubernetes in production,” said John Mark Walker, open source product expert and advisor to Redspread.

Future of standalone Redspread developments is yet to be enlightened. However, Burnett and Gillespie would make all their efforts towards Kubernetes and Tectonic under CoreOS.

Redspread enables enterprises with a collaborative development tool to manage their containerised environment. That open source solution will now be managed by the CoreOS team. Furthermore, it would get uplifted with some advanced upgrades.


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