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Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a production-grade open source container orchestration tool. It automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications. Along with Kubernetes, this article...

PiCluster v2.0 brings better container management for Docker deployments

Linux Toys has announced PiCluster 2.0. The new version of the open source container management tool is written in Node.js and is designed to...

Kubernetes 1.7 hardens security, brings extensibility

The open source community has welcomed Kubernetes 1.7 as the latest version of the container management solution. The new version focuses on extensibility and...

CoreOS adds Redspread’s talent to enhance container management

CoreOS, the company that transformed from merely a Linux distribution to an enterprise Kubernetes entity, has announced the addition of the talent from container...

Canonical picks Google’s Kubernetes to offer commercial container manager

Canonical has finally stepped into the world of containers with the launch of a commercially supported Kubernetes distribution. The new development is designed to...