Cython aims to become a superset of Python

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The open source world keeps on getting innovations each day. Though it was earlier unpredicted that Python will ever meet with the pure C, Cython emerged as an innovative programming language that enables the development of C extensions for the Python codes in a hassle-free way.

Available as an open source language, Cython offers developers a high-level, object-oriented, functional and dynamic programming experience. There is also support for optional static type declarations.

Developers using Cython can easily translate their existing projects into C and C++ and compiled them as Python extension modules.

It is worth noting that while the future release of Python (version 3.6) is anticipated to offer features like faster function-call performance, Cython 0.25, the present release of the new programming language, already includes the same methodology. This means that any Python function calls derived from a Cython module will provide faster execution.

Originally developed on Pyrex, the Cython project uses a source code compiler to translate Python code to an equivalent C code. This final code is executed within the CPython runtime environment along with the original interface of the Python source code and at the speed of compiled C.

Enthusiasts can access the code of Cython directly from a GitHub repository and enhance its presence across various Python projects. Also, a group has already been established to resolve queries related to the fresh language.


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