Linux kernel 4.7.6 brings filesystem improvements and updated drivers


Linux kernel 4.7.6

Linux kernel 4.7.6 is now out. The update has been published just within a week after the previous 4.7.5 version and comes as the sixth maintenance update in Linux 4.7 kernel series.

The new Linux kernel update has changed a total of 76 files, 539 insertions and 455 deletions. Few necessary drivers have been upgraded, and the new kernel includes some noticeable improvements to filesystems and hardware architectures. There are major changes to XFS, Ceph, HostFS, autofs4, Btrfs, OCFS2 and ReiserFS and an improved networking stack.

Alongside improvements, Linux kernel 4.7.6 packs various tweaks for the ARM64 (AArch64), x86 hardware architecture and MIPS. There are also some small updates to I2C, IRQ Chip, GPU, MTD, RTC, power and networking drivers.

The update carries core kernel fixes to boost the performance of the PC. Additionally, the kernel includes updated networking stack with mac80211 and Ceph changes.

If your system is powered by Linux Kernel from 4.7 series, this update appears to be an essential move. You can download the sources from the official kernel website.


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