Microsoft’s .Net Core now supports additional Linux distributions


Microsoft .Net Core 1.1

Microsoft has announced the release of .Net Core 1.1 Preview 1. The new release supports additional Linux distributions to upgrade the experience that was debuted on the open source platform back in July.

The first preview release of .Net Core 1.1 supports modern Linux distributions, including Linux Mint 18 and OpenSUSE 42.1. Additionally, it is also designed to work on macOS 10.12 and Windows Server 2016. With the new change the .Net runtime platform is now compatible with all the major Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Oracle Linux and Ubuntu.

Apart from the Linux platform expansion, .Net Core 1.1 Preview 1 includes 1,380 new APIs. There are also several new fixes to deliver improvements over the preceding .Net Core version.

Early look to final .Net Core 1.1

Microsoft explicitly mentions in a blog post that the latest update is available just as a preview release and is “intended as an early look” to the final .Net Core 1.1 release. However, developers can safely test its features by side-by-side installing its presence with .Net Core 1.0.

Developers need to use command dotnet new to enable .Net Core 1.1 Preview 1 alongside .Net Core 1.0. This helps in avoiding its installation on a machine that already developments based on the previous version.


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