Mozilla’s Rust gets real-time information from dedicated server


Mozilla Rust langauge

Mozilla has expanded its Rust programming language by launching a dedicated server. The new offering, called the Rust Langauge Server (RLS), provides a service to offer developers real-time information about their programs.

Currently available in the pre-alpha release, the RLS is designed to deliver a “self-contained, full-featured application” for IDE in addition to providing functionality support such as goto definition, symbol search, reformatting and code completion. It is powered by the JSon-RPC Language Server Protocol, which is maintained by Microsoft and Red Hat. Additionally, there is a wider IDE coverage since Eclipse and Visual Studio Code both are already supporting the same protocol.

“We are excited about what the RLS project will mean for Rust development in the future. The RLS aims at being a self-contained, full-featured application for IDE support,” writes Jonathan Turner, one of the chief developers behind RLS, in an introduction release.

The RLS project captures data directly from the compiler and then flags errors in a real time. Additionally, it uses Racer utility when the data is not precise and complete.

Developers are called by Turner’s team to test RLS and experiment its features. However, it might cause some serious issues due to its young build that is yet to reach even the alpha stage.


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