NEC displays to offer Raspberry Pi integration

Raspberry Pi display

Raspberry Pi display

NEC Display Solutions has announced that it is closely working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This new collaboration will enable the display manufacturer to share an open platform modular approach with Raspberry Pi computer and bring affordable computing models in the market.

The partnership between NEC and the Raspberry Pi Foundation will help engineers integrate Raspberry Pi devices with NEC displays. The latest Raspberry Pi 3 computer is already considered ideal for NEC displays. However, the European division of NEC is in development to offer a customised display model that would support specific performance demands along with Raspberry Pi.

NEC’s P and V series display panels will be fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. These displays will enable smart IoT developments.

Notably, NEC is set to offer a modular and interchangeable design that can provide display intelligence when connected with a Raspberry Pi board. This will help businesses with digital signage, streaming and presenting to overall visual experience.

“Integrating the Raspberry Pis with our displays will provide businesses with advanced technology suitable for digital signage, streaming and presenting to enhance the overall visual experience at an affordable price point,” said Stefanie Corinth, senior vice president marketing and business development at NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH, in a statement.

The open modular system would let developers experience IoT at an affordable price point. Also, NEC is leveraging the Raspberry Pi developers community. This will bring developers closer to the electronics market and help the display maker meet the demand of AV and IT industry.

The new range of NEC displays with the native Raspberry Pi compatibility will be available starting January next year. Prices of the panels would reveal in the coming months.


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