Oracle’s VirtualBox gets improved Linux 4.8 support

VirtualBox on Windows 10

VirtualBox 5.1.6

Oracle has pushed maintenance updates for VirtualBox 5.0 and 5.1 series. Both the upgraded versions come with improved Linux 4.8 support.

While the VirtualBox 5.0 has received 28th maintenance update, Oracle has seeded the eighth update to VirtualBox 5.1. The development team has fixed a number of bugs in both the VirtualBox existences through the new updates.

Particularly, VirtualBox 5.1.8 includes Audio Queues on Mac OS X hosts and a keyboard handling fix for Windows and Mac systems. There is also a tweaked keyboard handling regression for separate UI.

VirtualBox 5.0.28, on the other hand, fixed parsing of port-forwarding rules to enable inputs with a slash character. This version also has some fixes for Linux 4.7.

It is worth noting that both the VirtualBox come with a long list of unresolved fixes. If you already own VirtualBox 5.0 or 5.1, you can download the updated versions directly from the official VirtualBox website. You are also recommended to have at least Linux 4.7 on your system before starting the update process.


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